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Our rebrand. Inspiration and our future mindset

October dump.

October’s gone, November’s here. Hey winter (scroll to view)


Not only have the leaves fallen, and the weather is horrid (not new), but things have changed over here too. We’ve rebranded. 

I felt for a long time we were not presenting the studio in its best light. Kinda playing it safe, kinda scared, kinda apprehensive. I’ve always been told that we should define our designing niche, but that’s so boring omg. I don’t want that. It’s claustrophobic. I want to dabble with everything because design is so enjoyable. It’s multifaceted, there’s depth, there’s curiosity, it’s just too rich to conform to the constraints of what’s recommended. 

Ideas but no development

It actually took us one week to completely design the website. We used one day putting together a mood board and a design system, and then everything fell into space. Actually, I take that back, really it took us 3 months to put it together.  We were bookmarking and drafting ideas way before we chose to actually put it into fruition.

Italy for the win. 

Bottega Veneta. Bottega Green. Right now they are everywhere flaunting their bold emerald hue. The colour (green) is so attractive and kinda ugly in a pretty-in-your-own-way way, it was perfect for what we wanted to achieve. I mean I couldn’t get the perfect hex, because of web colour, but this shade will do. I like it.

The brand identity uses four colours, blue, green, brown and beige. The colours were pulled from these Bottega pictures:

Corporate brutalism.

As I mentioned earlier, Bottega green was the perfect ugly colour we were looking for. The idea behind the rebrand was merging our two favourite design worlds into a collaboration of corporate and brutalism. 

Another point of inspiration was – https://nichrome.mass-driver.com/. I loved the gradient so much I had to incorporate it in some way shape or form. 

And when it came to font choice, we dabbled with serif sans-serif combos, arial, helvetica, fonts from pangram, fonts from blazetype but it took away from the brutalism of the site, we wanted the focal point to be the layout and our content.