Good To Give.

Launched in 2021, Good To Give is a local charity that aids individuals facing food poverty, domestic abuse, and financial struggles.



Brand Identity,


Good To Give had a clear sense of purpose, but they had yet to establish their distinctive voice. To assist them in finding their voice, we identified their consumer base by social class, demographics, and location. As a new charity without a well-defined brand, we supported them in developing one.


Based on the insights gained from the workshops, we were able to determine the art direction that would resonate best with the public.

To facilitate growth, we developed a brand and design system that prioritised flexibility. Additionally, we aimed to capture the essence of Good to Give in our identity, which we accomplished by using a bright colour palette, playful illustrations, energetic graphic elements and a warm, quirky font to create a comforting and wholesome feel.

To unify the project, we incorporated dynamic graphic components. Specifically, we opted for scribble-like elements to infuse vitality and authenticity into it.
The entire style of the project was inspired by traditional community communication. Pin boards, notice boards, post it notes and handwritten notes