Protected: The Kingdom Choir Foundation.

Rooted in the vibrant heart of London, TKCF isn't just a choir; it's a beacon of empowerment and self-assurance through the medium of music.

The Kingdom Choir


Brand Identity


Navigating the delicate balance between youthful vibrancy and mature resonance posed a compelling challenge as we embarked on the journey of reimagining The Kingdom Choir Foundation's branding. The task at hand was to infuse a sense of playfulness that resonated with individuals of all ages, while still retaining a dignified and sophisticated aura.


To tackle this challenge, we employed a clever combination of serif and sans-serif fonts, carefully merging vibrancy with maturity. Our masterstroke was a balanced colour palette that embraced both depth and vivacity. Additionally, our photography style struck a chord by capturing a relaxed yet upbeat essence. This case study delves into how these solutions seamlessly blended to give The Kingdom Choir Foundation a brand that bridges generations.

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