The Kingdom Choir Foundation.

Rooted in the vibrant heart of London, TKCF isn't just a choir; it's a beacon of empowerment and self-assurance through the medium of music.

The Kingdom Choir


Brand Identity,


Navigating the delicate balance between youthful vibrancy and mature resonance posed a compelling challenge as we embarked on the journey of reimagining The Kingdom Choir Foundation's branding. The task at hand was to infuse a sense of playfulness that resonated with individuals of all ages, while still retaining a dignified and sophisticated aura.


To tackle this challenge, we employed a clever combination of serif and sans-serif fonts, carefully merging vibrancy with maturity. Our masterstroke was a balanced colour palette that embraced both depth and vivacity. Additionally, our photography style struck a chord by capturing a relaxed yet upbeat essence. This case study delves into how these solutions seamlessly blended to give The Kingdom Choir Foundation a brand that bridges generations.

8 points, 8 meanings.

Drawing inspiration from the points within the TKCF logo, we consciously crafted geometric shapes that encapsulate its core structure (Crest). Each individual point of these geometric forms embodies the values of having/being “Connected, Centered, Creative, Confidence, Courage, Control & Cheerful” adding depth and significance to our design