Mica Whitcliffe.

Explore how we artfully crafted our founder's portfolio, where we daringly blended her distinctive charm with an experimental modern flair.

Creative Design


Brand Identity,
Web Development


Our founder, Mica, had a clear vision: to craft a portfolio that not only showcased her creativity but also revealed her charming and personal side. This project aimed to be a true reflection of her unique perspective and design approach.


To align with Mica's vision, we integrated playful animations into the portfolio. We carefully selected a sans-serif font, Elza, and a serif font, Roxborough, to maintain a balance between modernity and sophistication.

What truly sets this portfolio apart is its adaptable theme colour, synchronising seamlessly with Mica's profile picture, ensuring a consistent and personalised aesthetic across all her social media profiles.

Inspired by the Star of Bethlehem, the logo serves as a constant reminder of her commitment to avant-garde design sensibilities, symbolizing her unwavering trust in her instincts.